Happy July

I’ve been a bit behind in my writing. It’s been a busy spring and summer. It won’t be long until I begin work on my new website. Most of my last few months have been spent developing another website for another Christian organization. Trust me, I had a huge learning curve during the process. Working on this website should be a little easier. Right??? I can hope.

Vacation Bible School begins soon. The excited is building with the children and workers alike. It’s one of my favorite ministries. I’m also working on a Christmas dessert theater. This is a great project…one I haven’t tried before. This is different than writing a traditional drama. Another work in progress. It’s also like having Christmas in July. I will keep you posted.

Some have asked if I plan to write any more books in the Bay Island series. I would love to…but I think there has been too much time since the last book was written to interest my publisher. There are, however, two other manuscripts that I’m currently working on that are a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Keep in touch.



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