Winter Grand Ball

Dressing the part of a Civil War era lady in a ball gown is like a dream come true…especially for this writer. It’s like being sent back in time. Although I write contemporary novels, I do love history, and dressing the part makes it seem almost real. Writing is like that. I have to “be” my character when I write so that I can understand what motivates the heroine or hero to do what they do. It can be exhausting when the character is going through hard times. The writer has to go through those hard times with their heroine.

I have been extremely busy with the Maternity Resource Center that operates close to my home. It’s been such a blessing to be part of this ministry that helps mothers and children in need. God is good! He has seen that needs have been met in several areas. Over 8 women came to know Christ last year through the MRC.

In other news, it’s been very wintery in Ohio. Quite normal for this time of year, but I’m suffering from “sticker shock” after last year’s warm weather. The snow has been beautiful…when I’m not driving in it. I’m hoping spring will be early since some of the robins have already come back. Maybe they are directionally challenged. I’m hoping they know something we don’t.

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying God’s bounty.



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