Progressing Forward

Ah….some cooler weather has arrived. It’s rained more in the past week than it has for two months. Fall will be spectacular. I hope to be able to take a long (or maybe a “longer”) walk with my new knee. The leg is progressing forward very slowly. But it is going forward. That’s the core of my positive thinking. God has been good to me as I go through this. I’ve met some really neat people at the rehab center in July and now, at the outpatient physical therapy department.

I’ve also been reading. It’s good to replace some of the creative juices that has felt very limited. The mystery books have been especially good. I’m up to season 7 of Murder She Wrote. I want to watch the entire line-up. There is less time, however, than I thought there would be. Exercise and the fact that everything takes me twice as long to do, has whittled down the spare time. But I will finish. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonder summer’s end. Take care.



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