Bay Island

Lauren Wright vowed she’d never return to Bay Island. Five years after fleeing false accusations and broken relationships, Lauren decides to go home and straighten out the past. Once and for all, she’ll put the whole ugly matter—including Jason Levitte—to rest. And, somehow, she’ll learn to be happy as the wife of missionary Tom Thurman.
But when she arrives, Lauren learns some things she hadn’t expected: that her accuser cleared her name two years earlier…and that she still loves Jason. As Lauren’s wounds heal, she finds that God has a thing or two to teach her about forgiveness.

Jason had all but given up on ever seeing Lauren again. Now that she’s come back to Bay Island, he seems quite interested in rekindling a romance with her. But there are obstacles that stand in the way.

What of Jason’s first love—work? And what about his ability in the past to believe Lauren capable of the worst? Can the Lord heal her broken heart before Jason slips back inside? Will her life ever be the same after coming home to Bay Island?

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Bay Island Cover