Bay Hideaway

There was no mistaking the identity of the strikingly tall man as he effortlessly removed his sunglasses and spoke. “Long time, no see.” His mouth twisted determinedly. “Surprise, darlin’!”
The prickle of terror churning within rapidly turned into an outbreak of sweat droplets across her forehead. Paralyzed, she could only stare back at the pair of defiant gray eyes. She stiffened again. Help me, Lord! The whispered prayer barely squeaked past her lips.
Nathan stepped forward and she began to jerk back, but her feet remained firmly planted. She couldn’t even let go of the bags clenched so tightly in her hands.
“What?” his deep voice taunted cruelly. “You don’t recognize your own husband?”
Judi went cold. What she wouldn’t do for a trapdoor to swallow her whole. Matter of fact, this would be a fine time to check out of the horrendous situation with an elaborate fainting spell like the heroines in those sappy novels, yet she knew even the most contrived luxury of unconsciousness would never happen for her. No, life would force her to be cognizant of every miserable second.
Unprepared! She felt utterly unprepared. After months of readiness, her preparation for such a moment had been stymied by the calm she’d experienced on the island. His impeccable shirt and tie routine didn’t help matters. He always dressed the part when he meant business, and right now the solemn expression on his face indicated every last fiber of his being was dead serious.
Biting back the fear, Judi cast Nathan an anxious glance. “What are you doing here?” she blurted.
He looked stunned at her question and laughed—a heartless, unamused laugh. Then his jaw squared and his eyes turned into chipped ice. “You’re unbelievable! I come to Bay Island to find my supposedly dead wife and all you can say is, ‘What are you doing here?’”

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Bay Hideaway Cover